MPFFL Summer Tournament

MPFFL Summer Tournament

Sunday, July 10 2016

Congrats to Lazy Sundae, winners of the 2016 MPFFL Summer Tournament

Dates for the 2017 Summer Tournament will be set this winter. 

Registration for the Fall Season of Morven Park Flag Football League is now open. Click here to learn more.

Summer Tournament Flyer PDF

Morven Park Flag Football League Summer Tournament will be hosted Sunday, July 10, 2016 at Morven Park. The tournament will consist of Men’s 6v6, Coed 5v5 divisions.

Divisions are limited to 8 teams so register before the space is gone.

Open to players ages 15 and older.

Game Format/Schedule:

Each team is guaranteed to play at least 3 games! The tournament games will be run with 20 minute halves with a running clock and 5 minute halftime breaks. To pack all of the fun in one day, games start 8 am and run throughout the day.


The Men's 6v6 Division will follow the MPFFL 6v6 Rules

The 5v5 Coed Division will follow the MPFFL 5v5 Rules. It is key to note that two females must be on the field at all times (offense and defense) and that the offensive team must involve a female in at least one play during each series of downs.

Roster maximums: 12 players for 5v5 and 18 players for 6v6.

Team Registration:

Registration is only $200 per 5v5 team and $250 per 6v6 team.

Online registration should be completed by one team representative and does not require any information specific to individual players.

Player Paperwork: Teams will not be considered fully registered and eligible to play until registration payment and all documentation required by the Tournament Director has been completed (team roster & player waiver forms).

Submitting Rosters & Waiver Forms: We do accept rosters and waivers on tournament day, but strongly encourage you to submit them earlier if possible.

6v6 Team Roster Form
5v5 Team Roster Form
MPFFL Player Waiver

Forms can be submitted in three ways (by order of preference):

  1. Email to
  2. Fax to Morven Park Sports office at 703-779-1368. (DO NOT fax forms after Thursday, July 7th)
  3. Mail to Morven Park Sports office at 41580 Sunday Morning Lane, Leesburg, VA (DO NOT mail forms after Tuesday, July 5th.

You will receive an email from us within five business days of receipt of payment.  If you do not hear from us within that time window, please email or call 703-777-2890 x6622


Entry fees for the MPFFL Summer Tournament are refundable prior to the tournament entry deadline. After the entry deadline, registration fees are completely non-refundable, even in the case of event rescheduling or cancellation.